New President Should Improve Welfare of Fishermen

Future president should be able to improve the welfare of fishermen . Pro-people program needs to be maximized to increase potency . They should have a better income in order to improve living standards .

Member of the group of fishermen Pandeglang , Jufri Ahmadi , said the program would attract attention is Indonesian development program with an emphasis on rural development sectors including marine .

The gap is not too flashy , equity growth occurs . ” It’s exciting , ” he explained .

It reveals the problems faced is a striking imbalance between the production of fisheries with the level of welfare .

Association of Indonesian Fishermen Welfare Board , Muhammad Furqan , said although the fish catch increased from year to year, but the fate of the fishermen still destitute . ” We are known as the third largest fish producer in the world . But from the beginning until now fisherman so-so aja . Remains poor , ” he said .

One reason , said Furqan , the propping up false paradigm that considers professional fishermen are not part of the food security program . As a result , until now there has been no strict regulations and side with the lives of fishermen .

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What happened instead liberalization of fisheries . Fishermen told to compete with foreign capital owners or parties , which have modern tools and dominate the market .


Rapimnas title , Opponent Claims Supported SDA Board Majority

Rapimnas title , Kubu Opponent Claims Supported SDA Board Majority
PPP Secretary General Romahurmuziy group ( Romi ) Chairman stated action Suryadharma Ali supports Prabowo is illegal . The board meeting of PPP that have passed the turn today claim to be the majority of the PPP cadres in its ranks , not in rows Suryadharma .

" The points of meetings last night to respond to a letter from the Council and DPW throughout Indonesia . Majority of cadres in line with the board meeting earlier that day , " said one of the administrators of the camp Romi , the Vice Chairman of Monoarfa Monoarfa , told AFP on Saturday ( 19 / 4/2014 ) .

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Rapimnas which will be held this afternoon to discuss the stated Monoarfa nine points agreed at the board meeting last night daily . Although Rapimnas held quite suddenly , because according to the Secretary General of PPP Romi motivated situation today, but Monoarfa optimistic they will come to have a quorum .

" Because they ‘ve been asked to pause execution time Rapimnas . Determination Rapimnas that was held today has been determined since yesterday , already negotiated with the board , " said Suharso .

Quorum for Rapimnas , described Monoarfa , is 2/3 the meeting participants . Meeting invitation addressed to the 33 DPW plus three assemblies ( Sharia Council , Advisory Council of the Party , and the Party Assembly ) , the Court Party , and representatives of the DPP (Secretary or Waketum collegial calculated collectively ) .

"The meeting will discuss later , among others, a coalition of parties and presidential elections as mandated Mukernas III PPP , " said Suharso .


5 Reasons Being Yourself While Working

Some people do their job seriously and focus, which is important for comfort when they are working. Being yourself is one of the most fundamental aspects in order to be comfortable, yet so many people are not able to bring their true identity in an office environment.
Sometimes it is difficult to run while in the work environment, why is that?

Well here are 5 reasons quoted from lifehack, Friday (18/04/2014) to be themselves while in office:

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Honesty is the most important point
In the workplace, it is imperative that the other person feel comfortable trusting you to do the tasks. Why does everyone else have to trust you if you do not be yourself. If they know you are real, they are more likely to trust and can rely on you to hold office tasks.

You will become a better leader
Leaders often rely on their personalities to draw others to him. You can not grow your own when you let your reluctance to be yourself, you are in fact the reluctance factor inhibiting the leadership potential that you want.

You will draw the attention of the boss
Letting out your personality that will actually make you a much more impressive. The unique characteristics you will most likely make you get a higher position in the work. It takes courage to be yourself, an indication that lets you deserve more responsibility in the workplace.

Gets a higher position in the work
Happy people are productive people. Being yourself is guaranteed to make you much happier, because it will be easier for you to feel more satisfied at work. Indeed hide your identity also takes effort. Do not be a bother to others, your time is much better spent working rather than pretending to be someone else.

You will become a better leader
Leaders often rely on other people’s personalities to draw people to him, it depends on whether or not they are comfortable with the characteristics of his boss. You can not grow your own when you do not let your personality shine. Make sure you do not become someone else at work because of the unwillingness actually hamper your leadership potential.

You’ll have more friends
By hiding your identity, you are basically making yourself into someone who is not real. If you are allowed to work with the real identity, people are more likely to be interested in you and will make you friends when outside the office.

Start Probe carousel remains of Korean War

South Korean military started the project seven months to excavate the remains of soldiers killed in the 1950-53 Korean War. Similarly, the defense ministry said on Thursday.

” Approximately 100,000 troops would dig locations in 74 regions across South Korea until the end of November to find the remains of the missing officers,” the ministry said.

Excavation team will analyze the registry is missing soldiers and conduct DNA testing to trace their family after taking the remains of their bodies.

Since 2000, South Korea’s military has been doing excavation project is based on the former site of the battle record and list of soldiers during the conflict three years to repatriate the remains to their families.

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A total of 8,744 bodies have been found. ” As many as 7,658 of them were identified as a South Korean soldier,” according to the ministry.


Before the Coalition Seeks Political Parties Should Ask to Constituents

Practitioners election of Diponegoro University , Hashim Asyari said before exploring the coalition , leaders of political parties should ask the voters or constituents first. Because the vote is used as a base to build a coalition is the mandate of the people and the voters .

" So do not rush or too early based on exitpoll and a quick count . Silaturrahmi That step was okay , but then when it said it would form a coalition with it , with it , without asking the electorate was too dangerous , " Hashim said in Jakarta on Tuesday ( 15/4 ) .

Elections , said Hashim , is a matter of representation . Party was chosen to represent the voice of the people . When the party’s getting into the presidential election , the party has an obligation to the voters who gave the mandate .

Especially for parties who have not provided the information and assurance to constituents before pileg . About who figure to be carried as a candidate for president or vice president . ” For a party that has been since the beginning of determining the choice of presidential candidate , when the people choose when pileg should be read . Folk also agree with the mandate that will be selected as a candidate by the party ‘s leaders , ” said Hashim .

Political parties, he continued , that does not have a shadow before pileg . Can not suddenly lead constituents in the presidential election will be a coalition with a particular party . Though constituents do not have a match with friends coalition selected .

According to Hashim , the simultaneous elections in 2019 arrangement needs to be done seriously . For legislative elections conducted concurrently with the presidential election .

Voters will vote for a party , directly associated with the presidential candidates promoted by the party . Or conversely , voters have followed a particular candidate by voting for a party that carries the presidential candidates .

Officials and political party officials , said Hashim , have to get used to make the discussion regarding the party nomination and raising voice as an integral part of the electorate . Not only based on the results of a quick count and survey results . Because in fact , the logic of the results of the survey and calculation by the Commission as an official institution of election is different .

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" Exit polls and quick counts the logic of the sample , but if the real population tally Commission . Every angak calculated , the results of the quick count could be higher or lower than the real results , " he said .


Rudi Rubiandini deliberately Confess ousted

Accused of corruption cases , former Head of Special Unit ( SKK ) Oil and Gas ( Oil and Gas ) , Rudi Rubiandini admitted framed many parties . He said , high-ranking officials in the internal rotation SKK Gas undertaken by him , as the beginning of a plan to depose him , from the leader in oil and gas SKK .

" Due to changes in the organization , as well as mutations personnel that I do , feel the reaction ( not like the Rudi ) from outside and inside the agency , " said Rudi , in his defense memorandum ( plea ) in the District Court of Corruption ( Corruption PN ) , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 15/4 ) .

Rudi added reaction is not like the feel of Lambok Hutahuruk and Ahmad Muchtasyar . He explained , Lambok originally served at Deputy Law and Supervision , when SKK still called BP Migas Migas . Rudi , rotate Lambok become experts .

And Ahmad , was a Suplay Chain Supply Division , became Project Managers . Rotation SKK Gas officials on February 18, 2013 , described Rudi , to restore your right position of oil and gas sales of parts of the country , under the Deputy Commercial Gas SKK .

Prior to her tenure as head of SKK Oil and Gas , said Rudi sale of oil and natural gas part of the country , located on the authority of the Head of BP Migas . However , assessed Rudi , overhaul and rotation was met with resistance from Lambok and Ahmad .

" I got information Lambok placement in BP Migas ( SKK Gas ) is to oversee the performance of BP Migas will be assessed either by the KPK ( Corruption Eradication Commission ) , " said Rudi . Revealed Rudi , Lambok also is former Director of Gratification in KPK , which is ’ fired ’ because no ’ incompetent ’ work .

Rudi explained , after officials in SKK Oil rotation , he also changed the return policy specification oil and gas transportation ( Accomodation Work Barge - AWB ) in K3S , from the original 2,000 ( rule of BP Migas ) to 1,400 cubic meters .

Rudi reasoned , the return of the AWB , because the sub - contractors transporting protest , because no longer can participate in the tender freight . After all, he said , with a policy that allows the efficiency of state spending of Rp 50 to Rp 60 billion .

However , he added , the return of the AWB specifications , brings another problem . Told him , changing it to make herself even brighter threatened . ” There are unscrupulous companies that supported the leadership in the House of Representatives Commission VII , so that it threatened to bring down ( position) I as Head of Oil and Gas SKK , no later than October 2013 , ” said Rudi .

Rudi further explained , the threat was revealed in each hearing ( RDP ) in Commission VII . ” Commission VII , threatened to replace me with John Widjanarko ( currently executing task Gas SKK ) , ” he explained .

Still in defense plea , various reform policies in the oil and gas SKK , assessed he began to bring business in and outside SKK Gas to ’ dump ’ him . That effort , he said , with a number of gifts or who termed him as a ’ temptation gratification ’ .

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Rudi was sentenced to prison for 10 years and a fine of Rp 250 million subsidiary of three months confinement . Commission alleges Rudi receive gifts and promises , in the form of money of 200 thousand Singapore dollars , 900 thousand U.S. dollars ( U.S. ) from Bos PT Kernel Oil Pte . Ltd. , Singapore , and Fossus Energy Widodo Ratanachaitong .


SPC S10 Cosmic, Cheap Android Phone Full featured Analog TV

PT Supertone , local brand owners Cosmic SPC Mobile launches S10 , the latest Android smartphones equipped with Analog TV features .

As revealed by the Chief Operating Officer of SPC Mobile , Raymond Tedjokusumo , trends of today’s society are looking for entertainment and latest information through mobile phones .

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" With Cosmic S10 , users not only can enjoy the information via the Internet , but also television broadcasts via analogue TV feature that can be accessed anytime and anywhere , " said Raymond .

Designed as a convenient smartphone is used for traveling , Cosmic S10 also comes with 3G connectivity and GPS features that make traveling easier navigation and practical .

Cosmic running the S10 operating system Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is claimed SPC Mobile can be upgraded to version KitKat . To sustain performance , the smartphone is orchestrated by a dual - core 1.2 GHz made ​​by MediaTek .

For the price Cosmic S10 ‘s priced at Rp600 thousand dollars and comes with a flip cover made of leather material that will give the impression of elegance .


Reaping Success, Sales S5 Galaxy Print New Record

Although the specifications are set on the Galaxy S5 are considered some of the less than satisfactory, but the handset from Samsung is likely to still be sought after gadget hunters.
According to information issued by the South Korean media, ZDNet Korea, the first day sales of Samsung Galaxy S5 which began on 11 April 2014, has managed to beat the sales of its predecessor, the Galaxy S4 at the same time.

Citing pages GSM Arena, Monday (04/14/2014), the sale of the Galaxy S4 S5 Galaxy sales to surpass South Korea by 30%. According to Samsung, the Galaxy S5 sale in some European markets even able to record double digits compared to the Galaxy S4.

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That number could have been better if only stock products in some countries is not exhausted. Hundreds of customers in Paris, London, and Amsterdam is known to queue in front of Samsung’s flagship store before opening sales.

This achievement is certainly very surprising because previously many analysts are predicting sales early this phone will be less encouraging.

IM Investment & Securities analyst Lee Min-hee expressed, S5 Galaxy sales will not be as good as its predecessor, at least for the first three months of the mobile phone market.

The prediction came from a rule in South Korea that does not allow the three major operators to launch new phones in the period March to May 2014.

For comparison, in 2013, the Galaxy S4 achieve sales of more than 10 million units in less than a month, while the Galaxy SIII it took 50 days to reach the same figure.

Then Galaxy SII achieve the same sales figures within 5 months of the first generation Galaxy S and it took 7 months to reach sales of 10 million units.


When the Democratic Convention Discontinued candidates, Dahlan Most Losses

Executive Director of Indo Barometer , Muhammad Qodari , say , when the convention Democratic presidential candidate stopped in the middle of the road is not believed to be a major influence on the party bearing the mercy of it .

According to him , since the beginning of the Democratic convention did not attract public attention .

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" Most Democrats down a little credibility . But want to say what’s more , it has been completed Legislative Elections . Indeed, in the community do not attract the attention of the convention . The proof , none of the participants of the convention can be high voice , "said Qodari when contacted Okezone .

He continued , SOE Minister Dahlan Iskan , becoming the most disadvantaged when the convention is stopped .

" Definitely the most troubled Dahlan Iskan as in various surveys , he is the highest among the other participants of the convention , " he said .

Nevertheless, he assured all participants of the convention would accept the decision if it is stopped .

" It should be the same asked them one by one . But Dahlan resigned to accept what has been stated is. If so , it should be no turmoil , " he said .


Meet Paloh, JK Position Vice President Denies Talk

2004-2009 Vice President , Jusuf Kalla , said , do not talk about the position of vice president ( vice ) Nasdem Party with Nasdem Party Chairman , Surya Paloh . According to JK , not time to talk about the position of vice .

"I think it Nasdem affairs with several other parties , " JK said , after the meeting closed for nearly two hours with Paloh , DPP Office Nasdem , Jakarta , Friday ( 04/11/2014 ) night .

JK said that his meeting with Paloh in its capacity as companion , friend , and leaders of political parties in the past . He claimed to be talking about political experience between him and Paloh . When asked about readiness to be vice president of Nasdem Party , former Chairman of the Golkar Party was reluctant to comment . Similarly, when asked Paloh related request to make himself as vice president of Nasdem Party .

" Not yet . Yet ( no demand ) , " said Chairman of the Indonesian Red Cross Center .

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Previously , JK Nasdem DPP came to office in Gondangdia , Central Jakarta , Friday ( 04/11/2014 ) night . Comes with a black Lexus car at 17:40 pm , a senior Golkar Party politician , said , wants bersilaturahim with DPP Chairman Surya Paloh Nasdem Party , which together ever active in the Golkar Party .